Professional Transcription for a Professional World.

For over 50 years, thousands of top universities, institutions, businesses, and government agencies have utilized the Audio Transcription Center’s dream team of hand-picked, custom-matched professionals to deliver the very best transcription for the very best value — guaranteed.

Never Any Surcharges

Rush Orders No Surcharge Verbatim No Surcharge
Timecoding No Surcharge Special Vocabulary No Surcharge
Special Formatting No Surcharge Accents & Dialects No Surcharge
Poor Quality Audio No Surcharge Multiple Speakers No Surcharge

Professional Staff

We employ a continually growing team of the largest group of highly intelligent, well-read, intellectually curious, and culturally diverse staff of transcriptionists anywhere. This allows for custom-matching transcriptionists to many varied subjects, cultural references, accents, and colloquialisms.

Professional Clients

Our clients range from giants in the field of oral history to the very highest levels of state and federal government (including 3 U.S. Presidents). A partial list also includes leading financial services, the U.S. Army, StoryCorps, jazz and rock and roll history, the Federal Reserve, NASA, NARA, corporate histories, and well over 100 colleges and universities. The list goes on and on — even one of the largest Theological Institutions in the world.

Professional Product

Much of our well over 99% accurate transcripts are produced from audio best characterized by audio outliers — special vocabularies, less-than-ideal audio, foreign accents, multiple speakers, high confidentiality, and historical significance . No matter what you bring us, we offer you a 100% guarantee of satisfaction or no charge — no ifs, ands, or buts.